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Friday, May 27, 2022

Andesite Signs

Andesite is an extrusive igneous, volcanic rock, of intermediate composition, with aphanitic to porphyritic texture. In a general sense, it is the intermediate type between basalt and dacite, and ranges from 57 to 63% silicon dioxide (SiO2). The mineral assemblage is typically dominated by plagioclase plus pyroxene or hornblende. Magnetite, zircon, apatite, ilmenite, biotite, and garnet are common accessory minerals.

Andesite can be considered as the extrusive equivalent of plutonic diorite. Characteristic of subduction zones, andesite represents the dominant rock type in island arcs. The average composition of the continental crust is andesitic(An<50%


Construction of informative sign made by enameled andesite.

The base of the andesite sign (earthy natural rock) has thickness 25mm. that is being coated with lasting ceramic refractory enamel.

The edges of the plate are rounded and enameled.

On the surface of the plate, graphic composition is applied (according to the graphic foundation that will be delivered to the contractor), the technique of silkscreen also with refractory enamel baked again for each color for 12 hours. The plate has a high scratch resistance and impact, resistance to extreme temperatures (no deformations) that are not affected by sunlight, UV rays, water, humidity and atmospheric waste.

The final surface is anti-graffiti that is easily cleaned with acetone or alcohol.

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